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  1. As it has been so cold, snowy and rainy lately I decided to share my top tips for winter skin care:

    Top Tips for Winter Skin Care

    Product Recommendations

    Calendula Cleanser a rich cleanser that is suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin. Calendula will help to calm and soothe any skin irritations and redness which can happen as a result of the cold weather and indoor heating. This product is 54% organic and suitable for vegans.

    Rehydrating Rose Toner which contains Aloe vera and Rose, both of which will help to soothe chapped or sore skin. This product is 95% organic.

    Wild Rose Beauty Balm - this is a wonderful product that can be used to moisturise the skin and can also be used as a lip balm or face mask.  It also has the perfect consistency for facial massage. This product is 99% organic.

    If you have oily skin, you may prefer the Oil Free Hydrating Serum which has a lighter texture and also contains essential oils which are useful for spots and breakouts. This product is 85% organic 

    Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish to exfoliate dead skin cells, which will help to brighten your skin. This exfoliator is not too harsh so suitable for those who have irritated or inflamed skin. This product is 84% organic.

    White Tea Enrichening Face Mask which contains ingredients which will purify the skin (kaolin) whilst also providing nourishment with natural oils and essential oils.  It also contains aloe vera which will soothe irritations.  This product is 59% organic, 26% natural clay minerals.

    If feel like treating yourself, I of course offer a range of Manual and Electrical Facials suitable for all skin types from my treatment room based in Stockport Town centre.  At the moment, I have an offer on of free gift with purchase of any Deluxe Neal's Yard Organic Facial.

    If you would like a FREE Neal's Yard Skin Care consultation, please download this form and email it back to me. You can also add photos of your skin if you would like to.

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  2. NYR December foaming bath offer

    The Neal's Yard Aromatic Foaming Bath is currently free when you spend £50 or more.  So I decided to write a short review

    This is an SLS free bath product, which is 54% organic and is also suitable for vegans.

    It contains a gorgeous blend of natural organic essential oils: Lavender, Geranium, Marjoram and Thyme, which smell divine and also are useful for many skin and health conditions.

    Here are some of conditions that will benefit from the use of these essential oils:

    Lavender: acne, allergies, athlete's foot, eczema, inflmmations, psoriasis, burns, wounds, muscular aches and pains, asthma, flu, low mood, insomina, nervous tension and stress related conditions.

    Geranium: acne, dermatitis, eczema, wounds, fluid retention, PMT and menopausal imbalances, nervous tension and stress related conditions.

    Marjoram: chillblains, arthritis, rheumatism, muscular aches and pains, asthma, bronchitis, PMT, colds, insomnia, nervous tension and stress related conditions

    Thyme: acne, burns, cuts, dermatitis, eczema, arthritis, muscular aches and pains, water retention, rheumatism, asthma, bronchitis, catarrah, dyspepsia, colds and flu, insomnia, nervous fatigue and stress related conditions.

    To complement the Neal's Yard Aromatic Foaming Bath, there is also

    Aromatic Body Butter

    Aromatic Body Oil 

    *Aromatic Bath Salts

    or the *Aromatic Gift Set which contains both the foaming bath and body butter

    *Those marked with a * are seasonal gifts and therefore may not be available after Christmas.

    Until next time



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