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Update 1/8/20

  1. All students can enrol and start their home study.  


I appreciate that this is not the norm, but due to government restrictions these are the only options for the practical training days I can offer at the moment.

  1. Current practical training days which CAN be done: manicure, pedicure, Swedish massage, Hot stone massage and Indian head massage - for all massage coures we work with a dummy head for the face, which is only 5 mins of the total treatment time.  Practical training is only available for treatments which are NOT on the face at present
  2. However due to the regional, Greater Manchester restrictions, I have been advised to only carry out practical training days with 1 student and myself (2 of us in total including you). So if you are happy to complete your practical training 1 to 1, you can do so.   
  3. If you prefer to work with myself and a model (3 of us in total including you), then you will need to wait until regional restrictions have lifted
  4. Until August 15th 2020 at the earliest, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has said that "no treatments on the face will be permitted".

 Beauty Facials, Holistic Face Massage, Hopi Ear Candling, Lash and Brow Treatments and Lash Lift