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  1. vinylux colour chart may 2013 final

    Vinylux is a new revolutionary type of nail polish pioneered by CND the makers of the highly popular Shellac Power Polish.

    What makes Vinyluxdifferent to other polishes?

    • It requires no base coat so application time is faster
    • It can last up to 7 days (with common sense nail care and regular cuticle oil)
    • It dries in 8 1/2 mins, again so application time is faster
    • The top coat actually toughens over time with exposure to natural light with ProLight technology

    At present, Vinylux is available in 72 colours including many of the Shellac colours, an added bonus for customers who for example want to Shellac their Hands and just want to apply a polish to their toes in the same colour at home.

    Anyway that is the preamble, down to the review of days 1 to 3. A little background, naturally my nails are weak and I normally can't last a day without chipping my nails. This is not normally due to polish but my activities, doing treatments, gardening, typing on the computer, crafting, etc, my work and hobbies are hand heavy!

    The application was fine, it felt a bit weird to not use a base coat and I found it was best to do 2 medium layers (not too thin and not too thick) and just lightly brush on the top coat. I found that if your 1st layer was too thin, it looked a little streaky. The polish consistency is neither too thick nor too runny and it is easy to overload your brush so just swipe any of the excess off before applying. The finished application has a brilliant shine similar to that of Shellac but I have found that it has dulled slightly by day 3.

    I am now on Day 3 and I have not one chip in sight, I can see teeny tiny signs of wear at the very free-edge (tip) of my nails.  I don't think I sealed them as well as I should have done with the Top Coat, its a challenge as my nails are quite short. My nails also feel strengthened, like when I have a nail strengthening base coat on. So all in all up to now I am very pleased with the results if a little irritated that I am now bored with my polish colour as I like to change it up so much! Anyway stay tuned for Days 4 to 7.

    vinylux day 1

    Pink Bikini and Lilac Longing Day 1

    vinylux day 3

    Day 3 sorry about the lighting

    Update: Boredom bit me and I changed my polish before the 7 days and forgot to take a photo before I removed it - so here is my next application using CND Vinylux in Lilac Longing with another brand polish, some foil and a few rhinestones on the ring finger.

    This time I capped the free edge with two coats of Top Coat and I got an amazing 5 days out of it! Seriously for Ms Chip My Mani in 1/2-1 day that is amazing :) By the way, unlike my 1st experiment I took this application off after 5 days as it needed it due to some obvious chips on 4 nails (the thumbs and little fingers are both still totally wearable though) rather than I got bored of it.

    vinylux combo

    My overall verdict is that for people who

    a) like to change their polish regularly but still want it to last more than a few days - I mean who has time for a mani every 1 or 2 days?!

    b) chip their polish easily

    c) are not into Shellac or other Gel Polishes as they don't want a 2-3 week manicure

    d) may want a Shellac manicure & a Polish pedicure in the same colour

    then CND Vinylux is perfect!


    For further information on Manicures and Pedicures I offer using Vinylux longlasting polish and Gel Polish, please click here.



  2. shrinking violet

    We have been offering various Body Wrap Treatments and Training Courses for some time now and have recently started to use a new product called Shrinking Violet. It is a revolutionary product which actually burns fat from within the cells resulting in fat and inch loss from the body!

     Call us on 0161 476 3301 for your 1st appointment, you can pay online here or in person. 

    How Does it work?

    The treatment product breaks down the fat in the cells so that it becomes liquid It is then excreted into the tissue fluid and eliminated through the lymphatic system. It is a powerful technique that can shrink waistlines by up to 2 inches in one session.

    The amount of fat reduction varies depending on your build but immediate results can be seen.  The product continues to work for up to 72 hrs after your treatment at which point you will see the maximum effect for that particular session.

    If you are at the start of your journey to lose body fat and inches we advise a course of 6 weekly treatments combined with a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and regular exercise. Shrinking Violet will burn off fat but will not firm or tone loose muscle which exercise will do. Once the fat is gone it is gone and will only come back if you make new fat. The treatment will not last very long if, after a treatment, the client then overindulged or returned to their eating patterns which caused the fat in the first place. For a maintenance plan, we advise a treatment every 3 to 6 months plus healthy diet including lots of water and regular exercise.

    Treatment Procedure:

    Shrinking Violet Body Wraps covers the areas of the body from the bust, bingo wings if necessary down to the tummy, hips, buttocks, and thighs

    First of all your body will be measured, then your skin will be exfoliated to remove any dead skin cells, then the Shrinking Violet Botanical Organic Oil is applied. Then you are then wrapped in body wrap film (like cling film), a cocoon of towels with a heated blanket underneath you (the heat helps to activate the product) after which you can relax for 60 mins whilst the product does its fat burning work!

    Are there any after effects?

    As the treatment results in fat being eliminated through the lymphatic system, you may experience increased urination for 1-2 days after each treatment.

    Summary of Benefits:

    • Fat and Inch Loss - a great kick start treatment to use in conjunction with a "new body/new you"  healthy diet and exercise program
    • Great treatment for special outfit events e.g weddings, Christmas parties,  birthdays and other special occasions
    • Purifies and Moisturises the Skin due to detoxification (by means of the botanical oil used plus heat)
    • Brightens dull skin through the process of exfoliation
    • May improve the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, scars and blemishes

    Until next time